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放慢脚步作文700字 篇1


During the holiday, I drove to Nanjing with my family. Don't join any tour group, just to slow down and capture the most authentic beauty with your own eyes and heart. The memory of Jiangnan is the scene of white walls and black tiles. People who are soft spoken by Wu Nong think of this, and their hearts are like the long wind blowing over the green trees. Every leaf is swaying.


At dusk, when the breeze was gentle, my mother and I were walking along the bank of the Qinhuai River. Shore shops are numerous and distinctive. I met a peddler on the road. His car was full of windmills, which was very colorful. At a casual glance, I started to live in the past about windmills. Even though I am over the age of playing windmill, I still bother my mother to buy one. Smiling and holding gently, or blowing or wiping, the back of the windmill reflects the happy eyes of the youth. I ran forward with it, from one end of the bridge to the other, from one side of the river bank to the other, through the bustling crowds, through the bustling shops, and across the old Qingshi Road. Just when I was in high spirits, my mother suggested that I say: "You came to Nanjing from a long distance to enjoy the scenery, not to play with windmills... This... you can play at home." I was surprised, looked up to my mother, and she said with a smile: "Do you feel the beauty of the scenery when you patronize the crazy run?" I turned my head to look. In my view, the scenery around me was blurred, leaving only the windmills that turned faster and faster with my pace.


I slowed down and walked along the river with my mother. I was surprised to find that the Qinhuai River in front of me was like a woman walking out of Tang and Song poetry. It was as beautiful as a lotus, and contained a touch of deep feeling in its grace. The clouds in the sky are covered with warm sun colored neon clothes, which are reflected on the river surface with sparkling waves. The boaters with smiling eyes slowly drove the boat into the black brick and black tile room. I stared into trance, watching the boat swaying gently, and my intimate thoughts were settling quietly in a wrinkled water. The white bird that came back at night skimmed the river and flew to the sky with the setting sun. At dusk, Qinhuai River looks like a warm and cured watercolor painting.


The windmill in my hand turns fast or slowly, just like the bustling world moving forward at full speed. I can't see her original appearance in a trance. We are the people who hold the windmill. In order to make it turn faster, we just run with our heads buried. We don't know how much scenery we missed along the way.


Slow down, feel the boat is loose and the moon is bright, and the wind and rain are like smoke. Slowly walk through the landscape of life. When you look back, you won't forget it because of the age. When memories penetrate through the vast years, those past events that hit the bottom of your heart are still fresh as yesterday.


Changing the scene, thinking about the world of mortals

放慢脚步作文800字记叙文 篇2


There is a saying in the Book of History: "Merit is high but ambition, industry is broad but diligence." If the lofty ideal is the road that leads people from night to dawn, then hard work is the step that leads to success.


The step of hard work makes the ideal move from dream to reality, which is no longer far away from us. "The Confucius mat is not warm, but the black one is not." Before the mat is warm, we start to give lectures in the next place, and before the chimney is dark, we run to preach. Confucius and sunspot explained the meaning of doing with their dry lips, anxious eyes and rushing figures. Their footsteps made their theories spread to later generations, and deeply integrated into the blood of the Chinese nation.


Although they have ideals, they do not stop at daydreaming and trade their persistent steps for fruitful results. Zuo Zongtang once hung at the door of his new house, saying, "You have no half an acre of body, but you are worried about the world. After reading thousands of volumes, you can make friends with the ancients." The couplet of. It not only expresses his ideal and ambition, but also reflects his determination to be down-to-earth, diligent and unremitting. In the face of ideal, rather than being a meteor in the sky, it is better to be a section of tree root deeply rooted in the ground, and try to interpret the meaning of your ideal with practical steps.


The road of dream seeking may be full of frustrations, but the step of hard work can leave its own mark on the muddy road, making the road you have walked without regret. The Shu Han Dynasty was in a corner, but Zhuge Kongming's enthusiasm for the Northern Expedition did not wane. Although he left the Qi Mountain six times and died five zhang yuan, he still had the reputation of "leaving the school to show his real fame and embarrassment for thousands of years". Tan Sitong threw himself into the reform and advocated the reform. Even though he failed and died at the mouth of the food market, he shouted out his determination and arrogance, "I will laugh to the sky from my sword, leaving the Kunlun Mountains with both liver and gall". They know that the future is dim, but they are unwilling to give up. The figure who has walked alone has left their footprints in the long river of history, singing the strongest voice of their lives. Because of their efforts, they are satisfied; Because of hard work, I have no regrets.


When entertainment, fashion and money worship are increasingly popular, and more and more people are attracted by exaggeration and fame and interests, who can take the step of doing something? It was Mo Yan, who was successful but only wanted to stay away from the crowd and return to Gaomi to devote himself to creation and maintain the height of Nobel Prize; They are aerospace workers. They came to Jiuquan, Gansu Province, far away from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and told the majesty of aerospace spirit with youth and blood. The times are becoming grandiose, but there are still some people who take over the steps of the predecessors and straighten the backbone of the nation, which has become the banner of our study.


The pace of practical work allows us to break away from mediocrity, make our dreams come true, and let our youth not be regretted. With the pace of practical work, we become more stable and farther along the road of life.

放慢脚步优秀作文 篇3


Slow down and let your soul catch up.




In a hurry, time passes away with the passing of the pen and ink; In a hurry, time slips away with our dreams; Hurry, time abandoned us because of our hurry.


Because we are in a hurry, we do not have the leisure to talk freely; Because of hurry, we can't enjoy the scenery along the way; Because of hurry, we are lost in the fog, and we can only march forward bravely without lamenting.


On a rare weekend, I made an appointment with my classmates to go to the library to finish my weekend homework. Because I didn't want to be late, I left an hour earlier. The twenty minute journey has been extended to one hour by me. Instead of rushing on, I slow down and enjoy the scenery along the roadside.


The streets are filled with the smell of early autumn, and the leaves are scattered and poetic. The autumn wind blows slightly, feeling like my mother's hand touching me. The early autumn wind is not cold and piercing, but it adds a little coolness to make people feel refreshed.


I walked straight and was blocked by a pair of grandparents when crossing a gravel road. Grandfather has trouble with his legs and feet. Grandson walks with his arm. He also tells a joke or two to make him happy. Grandfather also asks Grandson about his study at school from time to time. I followed behind and couldn't bear to break this harmonious picture.


After walking along the gravel path, I returned to the street again, and all kinds of pedestrians were rushing along. Some of the aunts who rushed to the dance with their video recorders talked while walking, and they didn't forget to hum some dance songs; A young man dressed in fashion rushed to an appointment. He held a large bunch of roses in his hand and went straight to an open sports car. He turned into the car, turned the key, and the car disappeared.


I walked slowly, as if out of step with the rush around me. I thought: Why rush? Because in a hurry, we gradually forget our original dreams. Why not slow down, let our thoughts fly, and let our souls catch up? Slow down, all the scenery is beautiful for you; Slow down, all the flowers bloom for you. Slow down, find your original dream, and listen to your inner voice.


When I walked into the library, my classmates had not arrived yet. I had to sigh again when I recalled what I saw, heard and thought on the road. In the third day of junior high school, we are in a hurry because of the intense study. When we slow down, we will also find that too much time has been forgotten by us in the rush time. Looking back, only results and lessons are left.


So, let's hurry, just slow down, let the soul catch up, and enjoy our own time.

放慢脚步作文 篇4


It's not that I'm too spoiled, but that your pace is too fast. You can't keep up with her when you travel with your friends in school. Yes, my friend's footsteps are so hurried that I deliberately catch up with them. So I always ask, "Are you rushing to reincarnate? You're walking so fast." "Are you quick?" "Fast, fast." At this time, I had a strange feeling in my heart. Did I reveal something in the unintentional fast journey?


Every day, I always walk with my head down, whether I really miss something? It suddenly occurred to me that when I was a toddler, I was so slow in my childhood. I hobbled along with my parents' big hands and took a long time to walk a short way. But the contentment and satisfaction in my childhood can not be described in a word. As I grew older, I walked faster and faster, so that my parents could no longer keep up with my progress. I never seemed to stop to look at the road I had taken and the people who were walking along the way, so that I became an ordinary passer-by in a hurry.


I didn't deliberately catch up with my friend's fast pace when I went on this journey which was ignored by myself for hundreds of times. It is a person who walks slowly, thinks slowly, and watches the scenery of the journey slowly. Occasionally, he will give a happy smile when he meets an acquaintance. Suddenly, he feels that it is also an art to put his feet full, and it is also a kind of happiness to walk slowly.


However, in today's increasingly competitive society, who can really slow down? Where people pass is a piece of sand, who can really stop and look at the flowers and trees on both sides?


Faxiao once complained that he missed many stories and experiences. At that time, I didn't understand what it meant, but now I feel that I am right? Everyone's life is a story book, and everyone's life is made up of little things. When we stop, we may encounter an interesting event that affects us, an experience that moves us, and makes our storybooks more interesting and full.


My dear friends, when you are tired, you can stop your pace and stop looking far ahead to watch the beautiful scenery along the way; When you are scarred and tired in the competition, you might as well stop your steps to talk with others; When you are suffering from the hardship of life, you might as well stop living and plan your life carefully.


In a hurry, people come and go, no longer pay attention to the details of life, no longer pay attention to the scenery along the way, no longer pay attention to the details of life.


Slow down! Maybe from the moment you do this, you will find yourself who you really are, and you will find that you are the happiest!

放慢脚步作文700字记叙文 篇5


We are growing constantly. On the way of growth, we will enjoy many landscapes. Every time we experience different landscapes, we will have different harvest, so that we can absorb more nutrients and become better ourselves.


Facing the pressure and competition of the high school entrance examination, I felt my impetuosity and lost confidence, but overnight, my mood changed.


After a busy day of study, night came and I went out of school with my schoolbag on my back. It is winter. The cold wind makes me shiver a few times. I rub my hands back and forth to keep warm. I walked through a street with no light. Suddenly, there was a bright light in front of me, which made me stop.


Come to this street lamp, there is a tall and straight tree growing here. The branches are dense, and there are rings of growth on the bark. The branches extend to other places as if they have endless vitality. The trunk deeply penetrates the ground, making the road nearby a little bumpy, like an unswerving statue, standing silently in inconspicuous streets and lanes forever. Contrary to its height, its dense branches are bare, with only a few withered and yellow dying leaves. Maybe tomorrow or the next second, the only leaves will tremble and fall to the ground when the cold wind blows. "It's a pity that such a tall tree grows on such a narrow street. Who would like to stop and admire its majesty? Such a strong tree can't help the cruelty of winter. Maybe tomorrow, people will uproot it and take its life on the ground of blocking road traffic, or maybe it will die quietly tomorrow." I thought regretfully as I continued to walk, with the trampled leaves at my feet, It makes a slight "creaking" sound, like a wordless statement.


The next day, I went to school along the road last night. Suddenly, there seemed to be a beam of light in front of me. I could not help but stop. It was still the tree. But what was different from yesterday was that green buds grew on its branches overnight, which was a beautiful landscape in the winter wind. This beautiful picture seemed to ripple in the sea of my heart, repeatedly rippling.


Even if no one will believe you, no one will pay attention to you, so what? I can still proudly avoid many difficulties, the most beautiful bloom, I will use the most firm belief to win the admiration of others.


The nameless trees on the road, thank you for enlightening and encouraging me in the low days.

放慢脚步作文700字记叙文 篇6


If a person does not take his own road of growth on a down-to-earth basis, everything he hopes will fall through. I know a boy whose character has greatly influenced me.


One day in the summer vacation, my mother asked her downstairs to collect the rags and sell the old washing machine. Two people came up: Grandpa and a boy about my age. Grandpa stooped, but very kind; The child had dark skin, sweaty head and ragged clothes, but he didn't complain at all. He had a sunny smile on his face. Mother brought them two cups of water and handed them, saying, "It's too hot outside. Drink some water." They took the water and said, "Thank you, thank you!" During the conversation, she learned that they came out to sell at four or five o'clock in the morning. She was moved, and then gave me a hard look, because it was almost eleven o'clock in the afternoon, and I was still lying in bed.


After they left, my mother came to my bedside and severely criticized: "People should have lofty ambitions. If you don't do anything like this, you will sleep in while watching TV. If you look at other people's children, you will get up at four or five o'clock." I listened and said proudly: "I am a pillar of the country and I want to rest." My mother shook her head and left.


In the afternoon, my mother called them to buy waste paper boxes. I hurriedly ran to observe for a while. When I found a flaw, I yelled at him: "Go out and come in without wearing the shoe covers. If you step on the ground, you have to drag it. Go back and wear it!" I despised the boy.


When they lifted the waste paper box to the stairway, the child said politely: "Auntie, next time only my grandpa will come to collect the rags. If there is anything wrong, please forgive me." Mother talked with him for a few words. When asked if he had any academic achievements, the boy said: "This year, he passed the first grade exam." When saying goodbye, he bowed and went down with the paper box in his arms.


Watching his back, I felt ashamed.


The boy was conscientiously taking every step of his own, modest, polite, optimistic, and brave to admit his mistakes; He is positive, never cares about others' vision, and only works hard to do everything for himself. But I am lazy, arrogant, self-centered and never care about others' feelings. However, his qualities told me what was right and wrong, that everyone was equal, that labor was equal, that secular prejudices should be abandoned, and that everyone should be treated sincerely and kindly.

放慢脚步作文800字 篇7


Slow down. These four simple words contain Grandma's love, mother's advice, and father's earnest instruction - they have brought me a lot of help.


When I was a child, I was very naughty. I used to ride a children's bicycle with two small wheels near several locust trees at the gate of my hometown. Every noon, I always rode my bike while enjoying the cool under the shade of the trees. At this time, it's also lunch time. How can I eat when I'm addicted to playing? As a result, Grandma played the role of feeding. She often carries a bowl, puts all the food in it, and follows me to feed. But I rode my bike very fast and made my grandma gasp for breath. When she saw me, she always said kindly, "Slow down, the food will be cold!" Fortunately, my grandma was still strong at that time. She caught up with me in two or three steps, put a ladle in her mouth, blew it again and again, and tried the temperature before it was sent to my mouth. Now I still feel a warm current when I think of it.


In the fifth grade of primary school, I also replaced my childhood bike with a mountain bike. When it comes to school, I always go to school by bike. Before I left, my mother always told me: "Slow down, don't fall on your bike. When I got home, my mother learned about this and quickly checked my condition. She also insisted on taking me to the hospital. Until the doctor finished the examination, my mother was still a little scared and kept complaining: "I told you to slow down, look, you are injured!" Listening to my mother's nagging, my heart could not help surging.


After the third day of the junior high school, the study gradually became heavy. I also often hear others talk about the importance of the year. So, I began to set a goal for myself: to improve ten. After a month of hard work, the monthly exam came as scheduled, but the results did not make a big breakthrough. Looking at the disappointed look of the people around me, I was also discouraged. Before dinner, my father sat down at my desk, looked at my decadent appearance, and said softly: "Don't do that. Who can go up to the sky? Slow down, work hard, and work towards your former leader. One day, I will succeed." I looked at my father's warm face, and my heart picked up the passion of struggle. Another monthly exam is coming, but unexpectedly, the results have improved by five places. Holding the report card, I felt warm when I remembered my father's teaching.


Slowing down is a kind of family greeting, love and hope.

放慢脚步中考满分作文 篇8


Those who rush on their way cannot appreciate the beauty of life's journey. So, slow down, think slowly, taste slowly, is the enjoyment of the soul.




Life is short and time flies. In the short life, why don't you let your heart have a beautiful memory? When you slow down, every beautiful artistic conception you experience will become a beautiful shell on the beach of memory.


Choose a leisurely and poetic path, slow down, fly the wings of your mind, savor the beauty of life, and enjoy the beautiful life.


"You can visit the fragrant grassland in spring, appreciate the green lotus pool in summer, enjoy the yellow flower scenery in autumn, and sing white snow poems in winter." Such a delicate realm, don't you think that "poetic charm will last forever"?


Slow down and walk in the "winding road leading to secluded places". The forest is lined with roads, and good birds sing together. The clear birdsong fell into my ears, just like a small stone falling into the calm lake, causing ripples. The rich green tints the wings of songbirds, the clean air and the mood. The mysterious feeling of "reflecting the green grass since spring, and the beautiful sound of the oriole on the other side of the leaf" stirred a ray of doubt in my heart.


Slow down, walk in the spring after the rain, where "the rain in Weicheng is clear, and the green willows in the guest houses are fresh", look at "the light rain in the streets of the sky is moist as crisp, and the grass is near, but there is no grass", bathe in "the beautiful days and the gentle breeze in spring, and the flowers and birds talk about things in Zhaosu", and watch "the grass plays with the butterflies, and the flying dragons do not host the poets". Do you feel refreshed and happy?


Slow down, walk in the summer of "every family rains in the yellow plum season, and the green grass pond is full of frogs", walk beside the lotus pond where "lotus leaves and skirts are cut in one color, and hibiscus flowers open to both sides of the face", look at the scene of "endless green lotus leaves meet the sky, and lotus flowers look different red in the sun", and suck in the "ancient music court sleeps on the lotus pond, and when the wind passes, you are hesitant to brew fragrance". Will you be "intoxicated" and "go into the depths of lotus flowers by mistake"?


Slow down, walk in the autumn night of "the moon shines among the pines, and the clear spring rocks flow upward", walk in the courtyard of "the pine in the courtyard does not change the green color, and the chrysanthemums still fall in the quiet fragrance", "the castle hill is surrounded by tarts, and the water in front of the building looks like the lake", "the thin shadows are slanting horizontally, the water is clear, and the faint fragrance floats in the moonlight", and the distant realm of "the bamboo is noisy, and the lotus is moving, and the fishing boat is moving" will make you feel relaxed and happy.


So I slowed down and walked poetically.


Slow down, take a poetic walk and taste slowly, which is a kind of spiritual enjoyment. Looking back at the footprints left by the walk, the shallow footprints are branded in my heart.


Slow down, take a poetic walk, taste slowly, and make life more exciting! Also let the memory of the beach more beautiful shells.